Success isn’t something that happens on accident.  An old African Proverbs reminds us that tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. 



Define Growing Spaces (Where)

  • Add Fields as a baseline to build cost profitability models.  For example, how much more profit per square foot is in my high tunnel than my outdoor fields. 
  • Beds and Rows create specific areas that are used to optimize plantings.
  • Automatically define a set of sequential beds.
  • When Defined, Bed Capacities allow us to better understand and plan successions.

Define Plantings (When)

  • Associate a Plant and a Bed to a date, calculating the important dates automatically.
  • Flexible Scheduling allows you to schedule plantings to be harvested on a specific date, or transplants to be moved to the growing areas when the frost dates have passed.
  • Automatically Create Successions – add a planting of Sunflowers every two weeks.
  • Create reports to review when seeds need to be purchased, and when flowers are expected to be harvested.






Define Plants  (What)

  • Build a database of flowers and varieties that your farm will grow.  
  • Create standard planting and harvest instructions for your team – a single source to understand the complexities of each plant.
  • Select  from a list of predefined plants from our community to add to your flower database.

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