Selling is among the closing moments of our symphony, and one of the more important passages.  Connecting Great People with Great Flowers is not only incredibly rewarding, it should also be financially rewarding.  

Working to Connect You to Your Customer

Many Successful Farms bring their Flowers to a variety of Customers.  Florists, Grocery Stores, Farmers Markets, CSA’s, Weddings, and Direct to Consumer are just a few of the selling channels that Flower Farmers can work with.


Selling to Florists

One of the more common sales platforms that growers choose is to partner with educated Florists who understand the vast difference in quality of Locally Grown Flowers.  FlowerPlanPro directly supports an email to Florists of the harvest availability report.  The Harvest Availability Report can be adjusted to allocate flowers that you do not wish to share with Florists.  This email includes the flowers, quantities and harvest notes so that the Florist knows immediately what is available.   Florists can then login to the system to reserve the quantities they need for their shop, and add special instructions.  As Florists reserve flowers, the quantities available to other Florists is reduced.  The Florist Reservations can then be printed as delivery lists to go with the shipment.  


Farmers Market Sales

Flowers can be allocated to events, such as the Farmers Markets.  This allocation can then be used as a cost basis to keep up with the profitability for the market.  As an example, a Grower selects 600 of the assorted harvested flowers and allocates those to the Farmers Market.   The Grower then can arrange and package those in a variety of ways such as single stems, market bouquets or bunches to sell at the market.  Upon completion of the market, the grower would enter the Dollar Value of the sold units into the Financial Ledger, associating it with the Farmers Market.  


Direct to Consumer Sales

Increasingly, Savvy Consumers are looking to skip the middle man and work directly with the Flower Grower.  Sharing our Flowers directly with Consumers is an exciting new frontier for Flower Farmers.  FlowerPlanPro offers several options to connect directly with consumers to share your product.


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