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Please try our site for free and see if it can help you increase profitability on your farm in 2020. Trying the software is free and easy. Go ahead and create your User Profile and Farm Profile. You can then use the fully functioning software for 14 days - no gimmicks.

Create Fields and Beds, Add Flowers, Create Plantings and build price lists.
If you like the software, simply respond to the Square Invoice that will be sent when you sign up. NO CREDIT CARD is required to give the software a whirl.
We will bill you via a Square Invoice. If you would prefer to save 20%, select to pay the full invoice amount of $150 for a years subscription to our site. If monthly payments work better for your farm, we will bill you a monthly amount of $15. There are no other fees.
I would personally like to invite you to try our software, and join our community of Flower Farmers looking to leverage technology to make our farm operations more efficient, and profitable.

-Richard Crout