A Symphony of Hundreds

Peace of Mind Included

Springs blossoms bring with it the annual symphony of the spring peepers, little frogs that emerged seemingly from nowhere to keep us entertained as we plant.  Its amazing to think that each voice has its part to play, and those voices come together in such a beautiful way.  Coordinating a team to move toward the goal of a profitable farm season can often seem like catching each of those peepers.  

FlowerPlanPro offers several tools to help bring order to the paperwork, tasks and lists that can consume your efforts.  

Managing from a position of Preparation

Keep up with the People. Enjoy the Sunrises.  Let us tackle the day to day tasks.

Task Management – Tasks can be automatically generated and assigned to team members.

Build Harvest Availability Reports based on the days harvest.

Allocate costs, tasks, and harvests to these events to clearly understand profitability.

Define Special Events – Weddings, Farm to Table Dinners or Farmers Markets and Pop Ups.  

Email Harvest Availability Reports to Florists directly from the field.  Florists can login to reserve flowers.

Allocate the Harvest to Farmers Markets, CSA’s, or to Florists.