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It was Warren Buffet who said ‘Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.‘ 

The Flowers of August, the pinks and yellows, start as ideas, dreams and preparation in January and February.  Good Planning makes for a Good Season.  Great Planning for a Great Season.

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In the busyness of activity, good systems help complement good plans.  Great symphonies will coordinate hundreds of activities happening nearly simultaneously. 

Likewise, a successful farm season moves as  seamlessly as possible, each part working together to  further the farms goals.

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The culmination of months of work is the reward of sharing beauty with our customers.  Being able to share those flowers online is what more customers are asking for.  Whether it is being able to email a harvest availability list to florists, or to create beautiful bouquets to share with customers online, selling our products is an important part of the life cycle of the farm. 

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