Have you ever thought about how you plan your season.  One great way to think about it is to use a trick that Project Managers use – the 5 W’s

  • Why
  • Where
  • What
  • When
  • Who

Applied to Crop Planning

  • Why am I planning these Flowers?
  • Where will I plant these (What do my beds and fields look like)?
  • What will I plant?
  • When will I plant these Flowers?
  • Who will plant these Flowers, and Who will I grow the Flowers For.

 You can learn more from this video which talks more about the 5W’s of planning .



3 thoughts on “Planning with the 5’Ws

  1. What a wonderful piece of software! So glad I found it and can utilize it to plan out my cut flower garden. It looks like it will allow me to put all the pieces together in one place. Looking forward to trying it out. Nice training videos, as well.

    • Amy, Thanks so much for your kind comments. This is a community effort and we appreciate the feedback on how we can make the application even better. As farmers, we are looking for any opportunities to reduce our costs, and improve visibility to our customers.

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